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Achieve unmatched control and comfort on every drive.
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Explore Air Lift Suspension Kits

Explore our various Air Lift Suspension Kit options at Tenneson Collision Center. We’ve got thekit for every type of driver and need:

  • LoadLifter 5000: Ideal for heavy-duty lifting, providing unparalleled support andeliminating sag.
  • AirCell: A no-maintenance solution aimed at reducing suspension fatigue with itsmicrocellular urethane design.
  • WirelessONE Control System: Offers wireless control of your air springs for on-the-goadjustments.
  • Air Lift 1000: An easy-to-install, affordable kit that improves stability and preventsbottoming out.
  • Slam Air: Designed for lowered trucks, enhancing performance without sacrificing thelook.
Find the right Air Lift product that suit your personality and driving requirements. Experience aserious enhancement in vehicle performance and safety.
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Air Lift Suspension Frequently Asked Questions

How do Air Lift Suspension Kits improve vehicle safety?

Air Lift Suspension Kits enhance safety by providing improved stability and balance, reducing
the risk of rollover in heavy loads or sharp turns. They also ensure optimal braking and handling
performance by maintaining level vehicle height, offering a safer driving experience.

Can I install an Air Lift Suspension Kit myself?

Yes, many Air Lift Suspension Kits are designed for DIY installation, coming with comprehensive
instructions. However, for complex setups or to ensure optimal performance and safety,
professional installation at a service center like Tenneson Collision is recommended.

Are Air Lift Suspension Kits adjustable?

Absolutely, Air Lift Suspension Kits are highly adjustable, allowing drivers to tailor air pressure to
match their load requirements and driving conditions. This flexibility ensures maximum comfort,
stability, and efficiency across various terrains and loads.

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