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Check out our selection of Blue Ox Towing Products, designed for reliability and ease:

Each Blue Ox product makes sure that towing doesn’t have to be a drag, blending safety with performance for a superior towing experience.

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Blue Ox Towing Products Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Blue Ox towing products apart from others?

Blue Ox towing products are distinguished by their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design features, and superior construction. They provide unmatched safety, ease of use, and reliability, ensuring that towing doesn’t have to be a drag, regardless of your load or destination.

How do I choose the right Blue Ox product for my needs?

Choosing the right Blue Ox product depends on your vehicle type, the weight of the tow, and specific towing requirements. We recommend consulting with our specialists at Tenneson Collision Center, who can guide you to the perfect Blue Ox setup for your towing needs.

Can I install Blue Ox products myself?

Many Blue Ox products are designed for simplified DIY installation, and detailed instructions are provided. Professional installation by our experienced technicians at Tenneson Collision Center is advisable for complex setups or to ensure maximum safety and performance.

What Our Customers Say

"I liked that they are local and family owned, but also had great customer service and prices!"

A. Williams

"My vehicle was fixed and looked good as new!"

S. Tomlinson

"I thought I was going to be months without a vehicle, they gave me a rental, and got my car back to me in 2 weeks!"

J. Jones