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Frequently Asked Questions about Mickey Thompson Tires

What makes Mickey Thompson Tires ideal for both off-roading and highway driving?

Mickey Thompson Tires are crafted with innovative technology that balances off-road ruggedness with smooth highway handling. The company’s enthusiasm for performance and winning, rooted in its founding by a racing legend, ensures each tire meets versatile, high-performance standards for any driving scenario.

How do Mickey Thompson Tires embody the spirit of their founder?

The company's founder, Mickey Thompson was a racing icon whose legacy thrives in every tire. His passion for speed and performance shapes the design of each product. These tires are built from necessity, driven by Mickey's unceasing quest for better—faster—safer, embodying his dedication to innovation and quality.

Can Mickey Thompson Tires be used for competitive racing?

Yes, Mickey Thompson Tires are extensively used in competitive racing due to their exceptional design and performance features that enhance speed and traction. Tires like the ET Street S/S are developed with drag racing technology, making them ideal for both street and track performance. This continues Mickey Thompson’s legacy of building products to win.

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